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Moon Phases Chart – simple

A chart showing the phases of the Moon and how it changes shape over a month. Includes new moon, crescent moon, half moon and full moon. For use with the Moon Globes and Moon Hats activities.

Moon Phases chart

A chart showing the phases of the Moon and how it changes shape over a month. Includes new moon, waxing/waning crescent, half moon, waxing/waning gibbous and full moon. For use with the Moon Phases activity.

Science Activity: Moon Hats

The Moon is our nearest neighbour in the Solar System. While the Moon is shaped like a ball, that is not how we always see it in the sky. The Moon changes shape over a month. Sometimes it looks like a circle, sometimes it looks other shapes. This activity helps children recognise and name the phases of the Moon.

The Woman in the Moon

Long ago on the island of Hawaii, there lived an old woman, Heena. And Heena was so old, that no-one could rightly remember when she had been born.  She herself had given birth to twenty-two children and now she spent her time cooking and cleaning for all her children’s children.  And Heena felt old. She didn’t know how old she was, but she knew she was old. And she was tired. She was tired of all the cooking and cleaning, that had filled her days from dawn to dusk, for so many years. All she wanted was a rest.

The Man With the Moon

Long ago, when the world began, the Moon had only one face, it was always round and full. And the Moon’s mask was carried across the sky, by a young man, who’s face was as round and full and pale as the mask of the Moon that he carried. And at first, the young man was proud to carry the Moon-mask, to light up the sky at night. But as he carried the mask across the sky, all night, every night, night after night, he grew lonely.

The Man on the Moon

Long ago in Vietnam, at the edge of the rainforest, there was a house. 
And in that house lived a young man. He had very few possessions, a knife, a cooking pot and a dog, that he had found lost as a puppy wandering alone through the forest and limping from a damaged leg. The young man and his dog were inseparable. They went everywhere and did everything together.  Every day, they would walk into the forest, looking for scraps of wood. The man would gather the pieces of wood into a bundle and then they would take them to market to sell to the traders who worked there. And with the money they made from the wood, they bought food for their supper to eat.