Welcome to the website of We Share the Same Moon. This project is a collaboration between storyteller Cassandra Wye and astrophysicist Megan Argo. Our aim is to bring science into primary schools in a creative and innovative way, using stories about the Moon.

We are focussing on the Moon to link in with the 50th anniversary of the first human beings to land on the Moon. The Moon is something that can be seen in the night sky from anywhere in the world, and all cultures have their own tales about how the Moon came to be, why it changes shape, and why its surface is marked.

At the moment we are testing and evaluating our stories and science activities with our partner schools in and around Bristol, Bath, and Burnley, and at public events in Preston, Settle and Builth Wells. As we finalise our resources we will be publishing them here, so check back for updates soon.

We Share the Same Moon Needs YOU!

The aim of We Share the Same Moon is to create story-based resources for use in science education – in formal and informal settings around the globe. 
But how useful is it?

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