America, First Nations of:
Dancing with the Stars
Following the Stars to Freedom – Part One
How Coyote Created the Sun
How Coyote discovered the Sun
How Coyote made the Stars
How Fisher Went to Sky-land
Sharing The Sky
Shingbiss and The North Wind
The Girl Who Married the Morning Star
The Land of the Northern Lights
The Storytelling Stone
Why We Have Both Day and Night
Travelling to the Moon
Canada, First Nations of:
Bat Steals the Moon
Caribbean Islands:
How the Caribbean People Discovered the Planet Earth
Planting the Seeds of Honesty
Shooting Down the Sun
The Sun Sisters
The Weaving Maiden
Dominican Republic:
A Ladder to the Moon
Following the Stars to Freedom – Part Two
The Buried Moon
Which is Stronger – Summer Sun or Winter Wind?
King Solomon and the Bee
The Weaving Maiden
Why We Have the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and the Stars
Setting Free the Sun
Why the Moon is Free (a Yaqui story)
Papua New Guinea:
Paddling to the Moon
A Rope to the Moon
When Jaguars Ate the Moon
Sun Shell and Moon Shell
Sami (Sweden and Finland):
Battle of the Northern Lights
South Korea:
Stealing the Sun
Sri Lanka:
A Visitor from Heaven
How Tiger Got His Stripes
The Man on the Moon

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