We Share the Same Moon is a collaboration between storyteller Cassandra Wye and astrophysicist Dr Megan Argo.

Lynn Moroney – Instigator and Mentor for We Share the Same Moon
We Share the Same Moon would not have been possible without the guidance of Lynn Moroney, Chickasaw/Oklahoma Storyteller, who has kindly shared with us the stories and resources that she created, during 40 years of working in sky-lore science education across the USA.  Working with Lynn and her stories has been an honour and a privilege.  

Fran Stallings 
Cassandra was introduced to Lynn and her sky-lore storytelling by Fran Stallings, Oklahoma Storyteller and specialist in “science as story” programmes.  Fran hosted Cassandra’s research trip to USA to meet and work with Lynn. 

We Share the Same Moon is due to both Fran and Lynn’s generosity of spirit and commitment to keeping sky-lore storytelling traditions alive.


The project is funded by grants from the Arts Council England, the Science and Technology Facilities Council, the International Astronomical Union and the Royal Astronomical Society. We Share the Same Moon is an IAU100 Special Project.

We would also like to acknowledge support from: British Science Week, The Space Chase Summer Reading Challenge, and Bath Primary Schools Arts Festival.

We would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project, including:

Signed Films produced by VS1 Productions http://vs1.org/

Audio stories produced by Darkhouse Media – https://www.darkhousemultimedia.com/

Artwork Design – by Michelle Lawrence – https://www.facebook.com/michscribbles

Drawings – by David Jeffery-Hughes. Insta: @onestargarms

Tony Addison for his guidance and support in producing audio stories

And all the stories contributed by 
Four Winds Library (Norman Perrin) Toronto Canada
Storytellers from National Storytelling Network’s Storytell Online Community 

Fabric poster and backdrop printing by Science Posters

Constellation graphics and artwork from Stellarium