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Stealing the Sun

Long ago, according to Korean legend, there were many, many worlds spinning across the sky. One those worlds was OUR world, the Planet Earth! The planet Earth was special because above our planet, the Sun shone, all through the day and the Moon was bright all through the night. And our planet was surrounded with shining, sparkling light day and night.   And so our world, the planet Earth was called the World of Light.

Setting Free the Sun

Long ago, in the time before there was a country called Mexico, the people who lived in that land were called the Maya. They lived high in the mountains and deep in the rainforest that spread across the land, we now call Mexico. And, in the edge of the rainforest, there was a village, and in that village, there was a house, And in that house, there lived a family.

Shooting Down the Sun – BSL film

Long ago, when the world began, according to Chinese legend.
There was one earth, spinning in the sky! There was one moon, spinning in the sky!
But, but, but – was there just one sun – No!

There was … One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six!
Six suns that rose in the sky above China.
And it was hot! Very, very, very, very, very, very hot!

It was so hot! It was just too hot for any food to grow!
It was just too hot for any water to flow!
What could the people of China do? There was nothing, nothing, nothing they could do!

Science Activity: Eclipses

Solar and lunar eclipses are fascinating events where the Sun or Moon appears to disappear, respectively. Their spectacular nature causes a lot of interest. This activity looks at what happens during each type of eclipse using a physical model that the students can build themselves and experiment with to explore how and why eclipses happen.

When Jaguars Ate the Moon

Have YOU ever wondered why – the Moon sometimes look red in the Sky? Maybe you have never seen it, maybe you have never thought to look? But sometimes, when there is what we call a lunar eclipse, the Moon looks red in the sky. Because, when the Moon moves into the earth’s shadow, the Sun’s rays are blocked from reaching the Moon. Only some of the Sun’s light, which can sneak around the sides of the Earth, can reach the Moon. And these rays of light are red, which makes the Moon turn bright red – as if it were covered in blood. At least, that is what the scientists say …

The Buried Moon

In the far far East of England, there lies a very special land, the marsh-land, a strange place that is somewhere between land and sea. And those who go into the marsh-land will only go when there is light. For without any light – it is very difficult to see the difference between a safe path and unsafe bog – is very small indeed.