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How Coyote Discovered the Sun

Long ago, when the world was young, there was no Sun in the Sky and the world was always grey and cold. The animals got together to discuss what they could do to bring warmth and light to their world. They talked and they talked and they talked – but no-one came up with an idea until ….

The Storytelling Stone

Imagine … That you are in the land of the Prairie, where the tall grass reaches towards the sky, and the grass shines golden in the Sun. And the prairie stretches for mile upon mile across the land we now call America.

How Coyote made the Stars

In the beginning, when the world was created, before the humans came,
There was the Earth spinning in the Sky, blue and green and perfect.
All the birds and animals lived together in peace and harmony. Everything was perfect! But … The Sun provided light, each and every day, for the day-time animals and they had enough light to see and live by, to find enough food, water and shelter. But … At night it was a different story.

When Jaguars Ate the Moon

Have YOU ever wondered why – the Moon sometimes look red in the Sky? Maybe you have never seen it, maybe you have never thought to look? But sometimes, when there is what we call a lunar eclipse, the Moon looks red in the sky. Because, when the Moon moves into the earth’s shadow, the Sun’s rays are blocked from reaching the Moon. Only some of the Sun’s light, which can sneak around the sides of the Earth, can reach the Moon. And these rays of light are red, which makes the Moon turn bright red – as if it were covered in blood. At least, that is what the scientists say …

The Buried Moon

In the far far East of England, there lies a very special land, the marsh-land, a strange place that is somewhere between land and sea. And those who go into the marsh-land will only go when there is light. For without any light – it is very difficult to see the difference between a safe path and unsafe bog – is very small indeed.

A Rope to the Moon

Long ago in Peru. Peru was a land filled with grass, a very special grass, called Pampas grass, that stretched as far as the eye could see.

And, in the middle of this land of grass, there was a tiny hole, that led to a big tunnel, that went down and down and down into the Earth. And living in this tunnel was a Mole.

The Sun Sisters

Long ago, when the world began, according to the people of China, the Sun, and the Moon and the Earth were created in the Sky. On the Earth, lived all the different people, in their different countries around the world.

But …

On the Sun, there lived a Prince, in a golden palace, and on the Moon, there lived two Princesses, in a silver palace.

Travelling to the Moon

Long ago in the country called Bolivia …

There was a mountain, a big mountain that went up and up and up and up into the sky. And at the bottom of the mountain there was a tiny hole.
And in that hole, there lived a very special animal, Skunk.
Now Skunk, he has black and white stripes and a long bushy tail
And when he is scared … Eugh! he lets out a very bad smell!
Now Skunk, he sleeps all day., But – when the Moon rises at night, whoosh,
The light shines into his hole and wakes him up.
He climbs out of his hole, climb, climb, climb, climb, climb!
And looks up at the Moon “Hello Moon!”.

Event: Storytelling and Science Evening for Families

Join Storyteller Cassandra Wye and Astronomer Megan Argo on an amazing science and storytelling adventure – to the Moon and back! When: Saturday March 9th 2019 Where: Alston Observatory, Alston Lane, Preston, PR3 3BP Time: Doors open 5pm, activities start at 5.30pm. Hosted by Alston Observatory, owned by the University of Central Lancashire, this is Read More