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Dancing with the Stars

Long ago, when the world began. The stars shone in the sky so brightly,
they seemed to shimmer and sparkle. It looked as if they were dancing through the sky. Coyote, the wild dog of America, he used to go out into long, long grass of the prairie and gaze up at the stars at night. He would look up at the stars and wish and wish and wish that he could join them and dance across the sky.

Why We Have Both Day and Night

Long ago, when the world began, there was no Day and there was no Night, because, the Sun and the Moon had not yet been created. There was no light and there was no dark, everything was grey! Grey, grey, grey, grey, grey!  And it was very difficult to see anything at all!

Planting the Seed of Honesty

Long ago, in China… There was a King, the King of all China, the wealthiest of Kings, in all the lands. Now, this King, he had everything that money could buy. Except … For the one thing he really wanted, which was a child.  A son or a daughter to be Queen or King after him. Now China was full of children, there were many children to choose from, to be the next Queen or King. How could he decide which was the right child to choose?

Paddling to the Moon

Long ago in the part of the island that is now called Papua New Guinea…
At the edge of the island there was a village. And in that village there was a house. And in that house there lived two brothers, twins, identical twins. They looked alike, they talked alike and whatever they did, they did alike.  And whatever they did, they always did together!  They were fishermen, so they slept throughout the day.  But, when the Sun began to set and the Moon began to rise…

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